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Trusted by the best riders in the world! Madd Gear Pro Scooters are designed and tested to withstand the demands of today's Pro's and up-and-coming young shredders alike! Madd Gear prides itself on Quality, Affordability and Innovation!

The Madd Gear Guide to Pro Scooters

Pro Stunt Scooters are more than just a trend, they're a thrilling ride into the world of extreme sports.

The evolution and rise in popularity of these scooters is nothing short of impressive. It's not just about gliding down the street anymore; it's about executing complex tricks with precision and style.

In essence, Pro Stunt Scooters have transformed ordinary commuting tools into platforms for creativity and athleticism. They've given riders an opportunity to push their limits, showcase their skills, and express themselves uniquely.

The appeal lies in their versatility - whether you're performing high-flying stunts at the skate park or simply cruising around town, Pro Stunt Scooters cater to every rider’s needs while offering unmatched durability and performance.

The Essentials of a Pro Scooter: A Comprehensive Guide

Before embarking on your journey to purchase a Pro Scooter, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the fundamental components that constitute its structure. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the core elements that determine the overall appearance, performance, and feel of your personal scooter.

Pro Scooter Bars: Crafting Your Ride

Pro Scooter bars are a deeply personal choice, as they significantly influence how your scooter feels during rides. They come in various materials, including steel tubing, aluminum tubing, and even titanium. You'll also find different styles such as T-bars and Y-bars to cater to your preferences.

Pro Scooter Forks: Connecting the Dots

The fork serves as the critical link between your scooter's bars, deck, and front wheel. Choosing the right fork is essential, as it impacts your scooter's performance. Explore options like threadless forks for maximum strength and various styles, including SCS/HIC compatible forks or IHC forks like those found in the Madd Gear range.

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The Pro Scooter Deck: The Heart of Your Ride

Arguably the most significant component of a Pro Scooter, the deck affects everything from weight distribution to trick execution. Decks come in various sizes, lengths, widths, and concaves, with aircraft-grade aluminum construction providing lightweight durability suitable for riders of all sizes. Check out the range of Madd Gear decks for top-notch options.

The Role of the Headset: Ensuring Smooth Operations

An integrated headset plays a vital role in ensuring smooth rotation within head tubes and maintaining proper alignment for improved fork rotations during tricks or turns. Opt for integrated headsets over non-integrated ones for superior fitment and performance.

Choosing the Right Bars: Materials and Styles

Pro Scooter bars are not one-size-fits-all; they vary in materials and styles. Steel bars offer durability and strength, ideal for high-impact tricks. Aluminum bars, on the other hand, are lightweight but may sacrifice some sturdiness. Titanium bars combine strength and lightweight properties. When choosing between them, consider your weight preference and riding style.

Exploring Different Bar Styles

From T-bars to Batwing bars and Gusseted Y-bars, there are various styles to cater to different preferences. Each design offers a unique balance of simplicity, stability, flair, and support. Proper bar sizing is essential for optimal performance; ensure they align with your body measurements and riding style.

Read our comprehensive guide to pro scooter handlebar height here.

Selecting an Appropriate Fork

The fork is the critical link between your bars, deck, and front wheel. Threadless forks, known for their strength and performance, come in various weights and styles. Consider factors like material, fork offset, axle compatibility, and design aesthetics when making your choice.

Picking the Perfect Deck: Size Matters

Pro Scooter decks significantly impact rider comfort, weight distribution, and trick execution. Choose the right size based on your height, shoe size, and riding style. Longer and wider decks offer stability but may be less maneuverable, while shorter and narrower decks allow for better control during tricks.

Understanding Integrated Headsets: The Key to Smooth Rides

Integrated headsets are essential for smooth rotation within head tubes, ensuring precise steering and maneuvering. Select the right integrated headset based on bearing type, compatibility, and your scooter's deck design.

Familiarity with Pro Scooter Clamps: Keeping It Together

Clamps securely hold your scooter's bars and fork together. Choose between Double and Triple Clamps, each offering unique advantages to cater to your riding needs.

Wheels & Urethane Compounds: The Ride Enhancers

Pro scooter wheels play a vital role in ride performance. Consider core designs like metal-core, nylon-core, and hollow-core, each offering specific benefits. Urethane compounds vary in hardness, grip, and durability, impacting your scooter's speed and traction.

Compression Systems & Brakes: Dialing in Your Scooter

The compression system holds your scooter's components together, and brake choice affects speed control. Explore compression systems like HIC, IHC, ICS, and SCS, and understand the pros and cons of flex fender and spring brakes to make informed decisions.

In conclusion, when purchasing a Pro Scooter, take into account the key components and factors discussed in this guide. Your choice of bars, forks, deck, headset, clamps, wheels, core designs, urethane compounds, compression systems, and brakes all contribute to the overall performance and feel of your scooter. Make decisions that align with your preferences and riding style to enjoy an optimal riding experience.