Skateboarding Basics: Beginners Guide on Riding a Skateboard

Congrats on getting your first Skateboard! After getting your set up fresh out of the box, it is finally time to ride. We have created a series of videos to help beginners start riding and learn their first couple tricks! 

Episode #1: How to Push & Turn 

Episode #2: How to Kick Turn

Episode #3: How to Ollie

Episode #4: How to Pop-Shuvit

Episode #5: How to Kickflip

Products in this Guide

31" Grind Complete Skateboard 

madd gear 31" skateboard


The Madd Gear 31" Grind Complete Skateboard is designed for Intermediate to advanced skaters looking for a quality complete board that will withstand daily skate park use.

This board is our top-of-the-line popsicle with the highest quality materials and construction. Oil Slick Aluminum Trucks, Swirl PU 54mm Wheels with Super-Fast ABEC-11 Bearings and a 7-Ply Holographic Maple Deck with plenty of pop to stomp all your tricks! 

Max User Weight: 100kg / 220lbs
Recommended User Age: 5 Years and Up


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