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  • Khloe Davis

    This product really holds up for everyday kids use..very satisfied with the product

  • Markayla Miller

    My 3 year old son loves it, it’s the best ring I could have bought him thank you Madd gear

  • Mariah Harvey

    We absolutely love this first zbike for our little man. He got it for his birthday yesterday and loves it so much. Also love it came with a helmet ⛑️. Great price too!!

  • Lyndel Hawkins

    I bought this product for my grandson. He has been using one of our neighbors son’s boards when he comes to visit. Bought this one as a surprise for him when he here next week. He will really like the looks of this one and like not having to use someone’s scooter.

  • Lyndel Hawkins

    I bought this scooter for my grandson who is eight years old. He really likes it and has fun with the neighbors kids with it

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