Madd Gear Saves The Planet | Earth Day 2022

Celebrating Earth Day with Madd Gear 

Madd Gear wanted to do something special for Earth Day this year... So, we sent three of our USA Riders to San Francisco to meet up with SFinBloom  to plant wildflower seeds. 

SFinBloom, headed by Shalaco and Phoenix, is a local San Francisco company whose mission is to democratize gardening and fight plant inequity and nature deficiencies by sharing their knowledge and passion about sustainable garden design & landscaping.

Pierce Slamkowski, Ashton Silvers and Anthony Logan headed over to SFinBloom's headquarters and learned about how easy (and fun!) it is to planet wildflower seeds in your local community. 

Watch the full video below!

Want to get involved? 

Follow these three easy steps and you can make a positive impact on your local environment! 

Step 1: Picking your Flowers!

Find out which wild flowers are native to your area! You don't want top plant flowers that are harmful to the native plants where you live, choose flowers that are already growing in the area

Step 2: Gather Supplies!

Seeds are easy to spread! You can put them in a bag and sprinkle then along your way! Put them in a cheese shaker and shake your heart away! Just make sure they are easy to disperse.

Step 3: Ride to Spread!

Hop on your Madd Gear and sprinkle the seeds along your ride! Focus on areas that do not have a lot of greenery and remember to space them out, no over crowding here! Edge of the Skate park is a great place to start. 

More Resources 

Visit our new friends SFinBloom's website for more information on democratizing gardening and how to make (or buy) your own seed shaker at

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