Best Pro Scooters for Beginners

Be the Envy of the Skatepark with the Best Pro Scooter for a Beginner

The Madd Gear Guide to the Best Pro Scooters for Beginners - Our Top 3 Picks

Pro Scootering. Stunt Scootering. Scooting.

No matter what you call it, Madd Gear makes a complete to suit your price range and ability but how do you select the right one? There are some key features you are going to want including high quality threadless forks, metal core wheels, nylon brake as well as a deck measuring that fits your size. This guide will give you a great idea of which Madd Gear pro scooter is right for you as a beginner and soon we will release our guide for intermediate riders and advanced riders.

Madd Gear has been producing some of the best stunt scooters in the market for years using aircraft grade aluminum for professional riders but how do you choose the right model for you at the right price tag? Selecting the right scooter for your height and riding ability is key to maximizing your ability to learn new tricks and ride in comfort! Lucky scooters are what we do here so, let's dive into the best pro scooters for beginners that Madd Gear has to offer.

First, let's tackle the question - What is a Pro Scooter and What Should You Look for in a Pro Scooter?
Are you new to the world of pro scooters and wondering what they're all about? A beginner pro scooter, also referred to as a stunt scooter, is a specialized scooter designed for entry-level riders who want to explore the exciting world of freestyle tricks and stunts. These scooters are tailored to provide stability, durability, and maneuverability, making them ideal for those starting their journey in the world of pro scootering. If you're looking to dive into the world of beginner pro scooters, it's important to understand what sets them apart and what factors to consider when making a purchase.

When searching for a beginner pro scooter, there are key features that you should prioritize to ensure a suitable and enjoyable riding experience. Pay close attention to the deck, which serves as the platform for your riding. Look for a non-folding deck made from sturdy materials like aluminum, as they provide the necessary strength and durability for beginners to practice their tricks. Consider the size and shape of the deck, as it influences stability and control during rides and stunts. Additionally, focus on the correct handlebar height to ensure it will accommodate the rider's height, providing optimal comfort and control. Read all about selecting the correct handlebar height here.

In addition to the deck and handlebars, other components significantly impact the performance of a beginner pro scooter. Wheels and bearings are crucial for a smooth and seamless ride. Opt for wheels made from high-quality polyurethane material, as they offer excellent grip and shock absorption, ensuring a comfortable experience while riding on various surfaces. Look for scooters equipped with reliable bearings, such as ABEC-rated bearings, which contribute to the scooter's speed and overall performance. Finally, consider the braking system of the scooter, typically a rear fender brake to ensure safe and effective stopping power when needed.

Let's Check Out the List:

Madd Gear beginner pro scooters are priced to not break the bank but don't let that put you off, they are still some of the best quality and most durable you can buy. Here's number one on the list if you want a solid complete to ride down at the skate park. 

3. Renegade Pro Scooter

Next on the list is the Renegade Pro Scooter. This complete scooter is a great choice for beginner riders that are too tall for the Renegade Rascal Pro Scooter. The Renegade Pro is jam packed with great feature often only found on higher end models and is sized for riders around 4' 5" tall. Featuring the super popular T-bar style handlebar and hollow cores, the Renegade Pro is right at home at your local skate park.



  • Has all the features of an advanced pro scooter.
  • Suitable for taller beginner riders that want a solid complete to start out in the sport.
  • Excellent build quality and warranty for under $100


  • Steel IHC fork is dialed but more advanced riders will want an aluminum fork.
  • External headset is still solid but older riders will want an integrated headset.

2. Kick Pro Scooter

Number three on the list of the best Madd Gear Pro Scooters for beginners is the all-time favorite Kick Pro scooter. The Kick Pro features a wide 6061 aluminum 5" deck coming in at 19" long for plenty of foot space on those more advanced tricks and grinds. The Kick Pro Scooter runs on super smooth and fast rolling 110mm wheels with Abec-7 Bearings.




  • Has all the best features of the highest end Madd Gear stunt scooters.
  • Suitable for taller beginner riders that want a super dialed complete that won't require any upgrades in the future.
  • Excellent build quality and warranty.
  • Aluminum IHC Fork and Integrated Headset are not usually found on scooters in this price range.


  • Handlebars may be slightly too small for older beginner riders over 4' 5".

1. Kick Extreme Pro Scooter

The final Madd Gear Pro Scooter on the list for the best beginner kick scooters is the Kick Extreme. With a larger deck sizing coming in at 5" wide by 19.5" long, the Kick Extreme is a great size for beginner scooter pros who want the best bang for buck complete on the market. The 110mm alloy cores roll on awesome transparent clear polyurethan and fast Abec-7 bearings while the deck has cutouts to reduce weight but maintain strength.



  • Has all the best features of the highest end Madd Gear stunt scooters.
  • Suitable for taller beginner riders that want a super dialed complete that won't require any upgrades in the future.
  • Excellent build quality and warranty with stronger Y-bar handlebars.
  • Aluminum IHC Fork, Integrated Headset and Deck Cutouts are not usually found on scooters in this price range.


  • While the 100mm wheels are a fantastic option for beginner riders, some older riders may want larger and faster rolling 120mm wheels found on the Madd Gear intermediate level pro scooters.  


In conclusion, finding the right pro scooter as a beginner is essential to kick-start your journey into the thrilling world of freestyle tricks and stunts. By considering the key features such as a sturdy deck, handlebar height, high-quality wheels and bearings, and a reliable braking system, you can ensure a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you're looking to explore the skatepark or learn new tricks in your neighborhood, a beginner pro scooter will provide the stability, durability, and maneuverability needed to progress and develop your skills. So, grab your helmet, get ready to ride, and embark on an exciting adventure with your very own beginner pro scooter. Let the fun and excitement begin!

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