Best Light-Up Scooters for Kids in 2023

Madd Gear light-up scooters for kids kick folding adjustable handlebar razor lux jetson orbit micro

The Madd Gear guide to the best light-up folding scooters for kids - Our top 3 picks

Scooters are an amazing way to keep kids happy and active, combine that with super bright and fun LED lights and you have the ultimate gift for their next birthday, a back-to-school gift or just an eco-friendly way to zip around the neighborhood with the family.

No matter your reason for purchasing a light up folding kick scooter, Madd Gear makes a quality scooter to suit your price range and required functionality. When choosing a kid's light-up folding scooter there are some key features you are going to want including adjustable height handlebars for growing kids, quality materials and construction, sturdy folding mechanism for ease of transport or storage and some smooth rolling light up motion activated wheels to finish things off!

Madd Gear has been producing some of the best kids light up scooters in the market for years but how do you choose the right model for you at the right price tag? Lucky scooters are what we do here so, let's dive into the best Light Up Scooters for Kids that Madd Gear has to offer.

Madd Gear light up kick folding scooters are priced to not break the bank but don't let that put you off, they are still some of the best qualities and most durable you can buy.

Here's number one on the list and is a fantastic pick if you want a great entry level folding scooter with LED light up functionality.

3. Madd Gear Rize 100 Folding Scooter with Light Up Wheels

The Madd Gear Rize 100 Folding Scooter with super cool motion activated light up wheels is designed for those little ones just starting out in the world of scootering. The Rize 100 is designed to be lightweight and durable to stand up to today's kids and rolls on two-tone motion activated LED light up wheels that will delight the kiddos at an amazing sub $30 price point. Check out the Rize 100 kick scooter below.


madd gear kids folding light-up kick scooter boys girls best lights flashing glow wheels razor lux orbit


  • Lightweight design is great for younger kids aged 3 years and up.
  • Adjustable handlebar for growing boys and girls.
  • Easy-folding action for transport and storage.


  • LED lights are present in the wheels which kids love but some may want more bells and whistles.
  • Suitable for younger scooter riders but may be a little small for bigger kids.

Shop Rize 100 Scooters - here.

2. Madd Gear Flight Folding Scooter with Light Up Deck

Next on our list of the best light up kid's scooters is the Madd Gear Flight folding scooter with dazzling and bright LED lights that run along both sides of the deck. This model features a range of upgrades and a slightly larger size for kids 3 years and up. Available in two awesome colors - black & green and black & pink, this scooter is extremely popular for its great price and quality construction. You can't go wrong for under $40; the Flight scooter will make the kids the envy of the neighborhood.


madd gear flight light-up kids folding kick scooter flashing glow rgb led razor lux orbit jetson


  • Has all the features you want in a quality light up folding scooter at an affordable price.
  • Ergonomic adjustable height handlebar design for riders of all sizes.
  • Easy-folding action for transport and storage.
  • Super-bright LED lights that run the length of the deck with multiple flashing modes to keep kids entertained for hours.


  • Single color LED lights, not a huge deal but our best option coming up next features RGB functionality.
  • No light up wheels on this one.

Shop Flight Scooters - here.

1. Madd Gear Lumen Folding Scooter with RGB Light Up Handlebar and Deck

Our final scooter on the list and our best kids light-up scooter is the Madd Gear Lumen kick folding scooter. This one's brand new and features an amazing set of features including super-bright colorful LED lights all the way up the translucent handlebar and along the sides of the deck. The best part is these LED lights have 7 different colors and there are 20 individually selectable light modes to choose from. The Lumen screams RGB which is extremely popular with kids and is sure to set the next TikTok trend!

Just check this thing out oh and yes, batteries are included!


Madd Gear Lumen Light-Up Kids Folding Kick Scooter razor lux jetson orbit micro fun bright rgb led


  • The ultimate rolling lightshow, the Lumen has more LED lights than you can poke a stick at!
  • 20 different light-up functions to suit your mood and style.
  • Smooth-rolling led light-up wheels, just in case all the lights in the handlebar and deck are not enough for you.
  • Ergonomic three-stage height adjustable handlebar is great for kids of all ages starting at 3 years.
  • Easy-folding action makes life easy for both storage and transport.


  • They don't currently make one big enough for adults, so the kids get to have all the fun. Not fair!

Shop the Lumen Scooter here. 

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  • ET101

    younger children just love thay they light up making it so mich fun

  • loren

    bought my daughter the carve 100 and she just loves the colors and light up wheels.

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