5 Reasons Your Kids Should Have a Scooter

Have you been thinking about getting you kid a scooter? Just in case our amazing colorways and industry leading quality wasn't enough, we listed our top 5 reasons your kid should have a scooter. 

1. Build their motor skills

Riding a scooter uses several different muscles simultaneously that build motor skills. Kids use their arms to steer, their feet to balance, push and brake all while using their eyes to lookout for obstacles. This is a fun, safe way for children to build their balance and coordination.

2. Get social 

Cruising around your neighborhood or local skatepark is a perfect way to introduce your children to new friends. They can bond over their new toy, play scooter games and create lifelong connections. 

3. Make physical activity fun 

Not all exercise is fun but riding a scooter definitely is! Scooters are a great way to get your child to get the physical activity they need to be healthy without the hassle. 

4. Spend more time outdoors

Is your kid a couch potato? Getting them a scooter may be your solution to getting some fresh air. Convincing your kid to drop the video games and go outside can be tough but giving them an exciting and fun outdoor activity can inspire them. 

5. Introduce them to a new sport

Scooter riding can be a recreational or competitive sport. If your kid works on their tricks, they have opportunities to compete for prizes, money and potentially a sponsorship! Madd Gear sponsors scooter riders as young as 13 years old! 

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