How to Dial Your Pro Scooter


Dialed is a term often used in the core scooter community as a way of saying “My scooter is solid and good for the skatepark”. It usually requires a test of dropping the scooter about half a foot from the floor on the wheels and listening for any shakes or rattles. If it rattles, that means the scooter is not dialed.


  1. Remove handle bars from scooter and make sure the compression (IHC) is nice an d snug.
  2. Apply handle bars back onto the scooter and tighten the double clamp at the bottom of the bars, be sure to tighten the bolts evenly (one turn on the top bolt then one turn on the bottom bolt till nice and tight)
  3. Make sure the brake is tight by checking the bolt on the top rear of the deck.
  4. Make sure both wheels are nice and snug and have no wiggle from side to side.
  5. Conduct drop test to ensure that your scooter is dialed

Need more help?

Check out our video tutorial on How To Dial Your Scooter with Chris Farris!

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