Charley Dyson Signature MGX Scooters Announced

The Signature Charley Dyson MGP MGX Scooters were announced on the MGP Action Sports social media pages on March 12.


We teamed up to bring you one of the best stunt scooters that money can buy, perfect for riders across the board and available in 3 colorways! It's clear to say that Charley has earned his stripes from consistent progression in his trick bag and his loyalty to the MGP Pro Team. Charley is currently 13 and has been on the Madd Gear Team since 2015 (when he was just 7 years old!) and is known across the globe for his ridiculous level of riding at such a young age! MGP and Charley have been developing his Signature MGX Scooters since 2019 to ensure that they are perfect in every way.



The results are finally here and he couldn't be happier with how they've come out. Everything about Charley's Signature MGX Scooters has been tailored to his requirements, from the size and intricate graphics, to the "Cloud" Griptape and Holographic Wheels.

"Hi everyone, I’m so excited for you all to see my new complete scooter! I have picked all my favourite colours for you to choose from, I hope you like them too. The scooter is perfect for all ages as it is super light and hard wearing. As always thanks for the support and enjoy shredding!" - Charley Dyson

Watch the Signature Promo

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