Best Pro Scooters for Intermediate Riders

So, you've learned a few new tricks and you have grown out of your beginner model scooter? Time for an intermediate complete model! Madd Gear makes a complete to suit your price range and ability but how do you select the right one? There are some key features you are going to want including high quality threadless forks, metal core wheels, nylon brake as well as a deck measuring that fits your size. This guide will give you a great idea of which Madd Gear pro scooter is right for you as an intermediate rider and soon we will release our guide for advanced riders.

The Madd Gear Guide to the Best Pro Scooters for Intermediate Riders - Our Top 3 Picks

The number one thing that matters most for an intermediate scooter set up is the size so, in this guide we are separating each intermediate model by size of the rider. Why does fit matter so much? Finding the right size scooter for your height/weight makes a huge difference in learning new tricks. If your set up is too small or too big then your progress will be hindered. Learn how to choose the correct size pro scooter at our other blog post, HERE.

3. Madd Gear MGX S2

For Riders 3'7" & Up 

This set up is for our mini scooter prodigies! If you're already more advanced at a younger age, then you will prefer our MGX range over our beginner ranges because these models are full of upgrades that improve the durability of the scooter. The MGX S2 Pro Scooter comes with the Madd Gear signature MGX headtube with deck cutouts that make the scooter super light weight. It also has a high-ten threadless fork with 6mm hardware that sets it apart from beginner models. Keep in mind though, this scooter is tiny so abide by our height recommendations! 

Product Overview 

mgx s2 scooter product specs


$180.95 (Currently on Sale - Save up to $70!)

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2. Madd Gear MGX P2

For Riders 4'5" & Up 

madd gear mgx p2 scooter

The MGX P2 Pro Scooter comes with all the bells and whistles that the S2 comes with but it is built bigger, for the bigger rider. The bars are low-rise 21"W x 23"T with internal fluting, perfect for learning park tricks. The deck extends to 19.5" in length with added boxed ends to assist with grind tricks. 

Product Overview

mgx p2 scooter specs


$199 - $250 (Currently on Sale - Save Up to $80!)

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1. Madd Gear Origin Pro 

For Riders 4'5" & Up

mgp mgo pro scooter

Our top choice for intermediate scooter riders is the Origin Pro. The Origin Pro comes with our original headtube design that decades of pro riders know and love. The MGO comes with less deck cutouts than our MGX models and as a result, the deck is heavier but it is also much more durable. We recommend this model for a rider who is heavier and stronger. If you are landing hard when trying new tricks, this is the scooter for you. 

Product Overview

madd gear origin pro scooter spec sheet


$199.95 (Currently on Sale - Save Up to $60!)

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