2021 Madd Gear Holiday Buyer's Guide

Holiday shopping has begun! Madd Gear is bringing you the hottest gifts to put under the tree that your child or teen will LOVE. We have created a comprehensive buying guide to ease your decision making and ensure that you secure the best gifts this holiday season.

Toddler Rides

Zycom My First ZBike & Helmet

For children 18 months +

Looking to get your child started with bike riding? The My 1st ZBike & Helmet Combo is a fun balance bike designed specifically for kids who are ready to learn to ride. With an easily adjustable seat and handlebar, the ZBike will grow with your child and provide years of enjoyment as they develop their balance and coordination! Paired up with the included CPSC approved helmet, your child will be safe while riding their very first bike. The ZBike is easy to assemble and comes with simple instructions.

Zycom Zipper Scooter & Helmet

For children 3+

The Zycom Zipper scooter is a great first scooter! With a three-stage height adjustable handlebar, two-tone light-up wheels and super-fun pivot steering system - the Zipper is amazing fun, super safe and a great tool to develop a child’s balance! AND to top it all off, the scooter comes with a matching CPSC approved helmet to cruise in style. 

Rize 100 Light-Up Scooter

For children 3+

Is your toddler a little too advanced for a three-wheeled scooter? No worries! Our Rize 100 Folding Scooter is our lightest and most compact scooter for kids three years and above! With adjustable handlebar for any size rider and quality industry leading construction, your toddler will enjoy this scooter for years to come. We also put some light up wheels on this one so you can glow wherever you ride. 

Junior Rides

Boost boots

For children 6+

 Our Madd Gear Boost Boots are a one-of-a-kind gift in the market. With motion activated LED lights your kids can run, jump and fly while building coordination and strength in their legs. Boost Boots are safe to use on any surface whether indoors or outdoors. This product was built with key safety features such as rubber gripper soles and secure ankle closure system. Grab some air and get boosted this Christmas! 

Carve Pro Scooter 

For children 6+

The Madd Gear Carve Pro Stunt Scooter is designed specifically with the younger rider in mind. The deck is 4” wide and is 30” tall which gives the rider a super comfortable ride. This product is great for a child who is interested in cruising around the neighborhood or going to the local skatepark. 

Retro Skateboard

For children 6+

Not a big fan of scooters? Well, we have skateboards too! Our 22” Retro Boards come out of the box completely assembled and ready to ride! This board is good for riding around your local community or school grounds. We have several different designs to choose from to match any child’s personality. 

31" LTR Skateboards 

For children 5 years +

The Madd Gear 31” LTR Skateboards are the perfect choice for kids who are looking to get into skateboarding. This beginner board comes completely assembled out of the box and is built with quality materials at an affordable price. Whether your are riding your first transition at the skate park or learning your first ollie, this board has you covered! 

Thrill Rides 

Drift Trike

For children 5+

The Madd Gear Drift Trike is the most fun you can have on three wheels! With its blow molded fat tread rear wheels, you will be sliding, drifting and even doing sick 360’2 with ease! The adjustable bucket seat allows the trike to be customized to any size rider. This gift brings all the excitement of rally cars drifting to your neighborhood streets! The sturdy rubber front tire and easy to use hand brake will keep you in control as you master your drift and spins. Manufactured using quality materials and components, the Madd Gear Drift Trike is built to last and ready to shred your local streets.

Pogo Stick 

For children 8+

 Seriously, what kid doesn’t love playing with a pogo stick?! The Madd Gear Pogo Stick takes a classic toy and upgrades it with updated materials and sleek chrome plated tube that prevents wear and tear. No assembly required for this product either! Ready to play straight out of the box. 

XKarver Pro

For children 8+

The Madd Gear X-Karver Pro 3 in 1 Scooter with Light-up Front Wheel is designed to transform into three different scooters! Swing from side to side in Karve Mode, propel yourself along moving your feet in and out in Scissor Mode or kick and push yourself along in Scooter Mode! This product is perfect for any high energy child who likes diversity in their play time. The X-Karver Pro’s foot platforms are non-slip and fitted with quality grip tape for ultimate control in any riding mode. Backed by Madd Gear’s reputation for quality and industry leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty, you know you are buying a quality scooter that will last for years to come. The X-Karver Pro is easy to assemble and will be ready to ride in minutes which means parents can relax while the kids play.

31” Grind Spec Skateboards 

For children 5+

The Madd Gear 31” Grind Spec Skateboards are our newest addition to our skate line. This board is perfect for beginner to intermediate riders who are looking for a quality complete to take their skating to the next level! The holographic heat transfer deck is unmatched! Top it off with some neochrome v-trucks and PU swirl wheels and you will be riding in style. 

Teen rides 

Kruzer 200 

For children 8+


The Kruzer 200 Scooter is a great commuter scooter for any tween, teen or young adult. With big 200mm wheeling and plenty of foot space, you will be riding comfortably on your daily commute or just keeping up with the kids! This product requires minimal assembly and folds so it can fit in compact spaces for proper storage. 


For children 5+

Surf the streets with a Madd Gear Longboard! This complete skateboard is the ideal cruiser with ample foot space and a 36” long deck. With four different designs to choose from, you can pick a board that your teen will love. We recommend this product for anyone looking to spice up their day whether it’s riding to class or cruising around with friends to the local shops. 

Grind Rails 

Our Grind Rails are the perfect addition to a riders collection. Skip the skatepark and learn to grind at home! The Madd Gear Grind Rail is adjustable, allowing kids to learn to grind and improve their skills before taking it to the skatepark on larger obstacles. Easy to assemble and compact - Grind Rails are ideal for use in the driveway and when friends come over to play. Coming in two different sizes, 55” long and 99" long, these grind rails are ideal for beginners and advanced riders alike who are ready for the next level. 

Don't forget!


We released official Madd Gear apparel this year! These styles can be seen at skateparks all around the world. An apparel item is a great addition to a holiday gift. Represent your favorite brand at your local!

Scooter stand 

If you choose to purchase a Madd Gear scooter, then a scooter stand is a must! This product is essential for storage of your pro scooter and is only $9.99! 

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